Selected production shots of various work. Click to enlarge.

The Flight Path of Birds (2014), Director, Digital Media Design; in development. Large-scale projected video installation with sound // randomised vector generator used as path direction for animation // interplay between pattern and randomness in ‘generated’ natures.

4 7 8

Loud, Fast, High (2014), Director, Co-writer, Digital Media Design; Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company Summer Camp Residency development. Five-part monologue performance framed by a Data-Hacking demonstration and 8 minute projected video work.


Getting Lost (2013), Director and Digital Media Design; Merrigong Theatre Company New Work development. Research project exploring the relationship of data-mined motion capture output to a ‘live’ moving body // pre-formed and real-time data projection in a performance context // performing non-navigable space.


Landscape With Argonauts (2012) Director and Digital Media Design; UOW. Re-imagining of Muller’s original text, using movement and computer generated (both pre-formed and real-time) projection // projected video landscape generated through a process of translating text to ASCII format, then using it as a ‘numerical script’ through Isadora to dictate manipulations in the pattern of the video projection creating a moving space.

Picture 192(1)Picture 072(1) Picture 093(1)

Floorboards #1 (2012) AV Designer, Site Specific, with re:group performance collective. Dir. Jackson Davis. Live feed of body projected onto the side of a house // controlled over-exposure of lens is used to colour the face and allow clean projection onto specific parts of the house with no visible boarder-lines.


Brickworks (2012) Director and editor; Project Contemporary Artspace. Gallery installation of B/W HD video // shot at abandoned Bulli Brickworks on the South Coast of NSW // exploring ideas of inhabiting disaster areas.


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